Former Members of the Executive Committee

We acknowledge here the contribution of these former executive commitee members.

Rachel Amos


Gary Anderson

Past Promotions

Sandy Anderson

Past President
Michael Ashworth

Michael Ashworth

2006 President of TESOL France

Michael is British and has lived in France for over 15 years. After studying history at Cambridge, he trained with Arthur Andersen in London as an auditor and then worked as a Management Accountant in an Opera company for seven years. On moving to France, he worked for nine years in a language school, combining financial and administrative duties with teaching. He also taught English at a Grande Ecole. Michael is now diligently working towards his MBA.

Marion Attali

Past Events Chair

Lorraine Bamrah


Marie-Pierre Beaulieu-Marianni

Past President 2002

Ian Bell

Past Officer Amiens Regional Group, 1984-85 Paris Forum Organizer, 1987-89

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Shara Brennan

Membership and Events Team
I started teaching English in Rome Italy in 2004 after trying out different careers in the UK previously (ranging from Sales and marketing to aromatherapist) I started teaching Air Traffic Controllers English for special purposes and I really enjoyed it. After that I moved on to different companies teaching business and general English. I decided to take the CELTA course in 2006 and that lead to better job opportunities in Rome, working with International House and also other companies that specialise in business English. I have done 3 summer schools in London and found them very rewarding. I moved to France from Italy in September and since then I have been working for Berlitz 4 days per week. I continue to enjoy teaching and my interest areas are teacher development, training and building creativity.
Nataliya Chernyuk

Nataliya Chernyuk

I have worked as a teacher of English in the center of foreign languages ÒForward Center" and "British American Tobacco Ukraine" in Kiev. I have had excellent opportunities to teach a variety of English courses during my graduate studies, including first-year writing for second language students, academic writing and English public speaking. I was involved in enormous collaborations at university level. I have a Master's degree in both Political Science and English ("Professional Translations"). I'm graduated in Culture Studies with specialization "Teaching Methodology of Culture Studies". I have an extensive experience of translation and interpretation for various french and foreign companies in different fields such as communication, journalism, international trade. I'm deeply interested in educational work and teaching advancement. TESOL France it's a really great opportunity to share experiences and disseminate teaching ideas, discuss methods and approaches that could make EFL teaching more relevant.

Sylvie Cicarelli


Elyane Comarteau


Richard Cooper

TESOL France Past President 1994 and TESOL France Past Newsletter Editor

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Jean Cureau

Past Treasurer

John Davidson

Past President 1985-87

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Erin Douglas

Stand coordinator for the Colloquium.

Mark Ennis


Steve Flinders

TESOL France Past Newsletter Editor 1982-1985

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Eric Freeman


Susan Fries

Annie Gresle

Annie Gresle 2007 President of TESOL France

Past President 2003, 2005, 2007

I started teaching English way back in 1968 and then some of my students were my age! As a French native I have always felt I needed to improve my skills. That is one of the reasons why I travelled as much as possible in English-speaking countries be it Malta, Trinidad, Canada, Australia or even Great Britain and the US. I also prepared the French degree called the "agrégation" which I obtained once my children had finished their secondary studies and I felt I could spare more time for myself. This period included my discovery of TESOL with the Special Interest Group on using video in the classroom where I found ideas to improve one of the French BTS exams. I am grateful to all Tesolers who have helped me to expand my interest in English teaching.

Gillian Hacking

Past Events Chair

Virginia Hamori

Elaine Henry

Elaine Henry

Membership and Events Team

Elaine, whose parents are Jamaican, was born and raised in England. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Spanish from the University of Bradford and then decided to make a life for herself in France. She tested a number of professional waters including PA work and English teaching. However, more exotic destinations (with warmer waters!) were on the horizon… A 3-and-a-half-year stint in Guadeloupe enabled her to complement her office skills with a graphic arts qualification. After returning to work in the UK, she took up an offer in Paris to become PA to the 'PDG' of an Afro-Caribbean radio station, Media Tropical, which is sadly now off-the-air. This closure was the perfect opening for Elaine to change directions and settle down doing what she really enjoyed: English language training. She gained experience working in language schools and trained to become a 'Formateur-Coach'. She then decided to take the plunge (or more like walk on water...) and become a self-employed English trainer ('indépendant').Her core purpose for language teaching is personal development of trainees. Using English to help them to communicate confidently is a means to this end. She also trains groups of professionals from the medical field who want to improve their oral communication skills in English.

David Horner


Krystal Jamet


Colin Mackenzie

Relations with IATEFL Helper

I have been an English Teacher and Director of Studies for fifteen years in Slovenia, Italy, the UK and, for the last six years, France. During this time I have always thought that membership in professional organisations is essential for personal and professional growth. On joining TESOL-France and mentioning at my first colloquium that perhaps we could be using email to contact members, I became responsible for electronic communication. I am also heavily involved with IATEFL, with a particular interest in teacher development, and hope that through this involvement I can help forge stronger links between IATEFL and TESOL France.

Kate Mailfert

Past President

Tom Miller


Jennifer Molet

Past President 1981-1982

Vicki Moore

Past President
Elisabeth Pichon

Elisabeth Pichon

Languages have always been my passion in life. I studied English at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and Sociology and Politics at Sussex University, in Brighton, England. I started my professional life as an English teacher for adults. I was so glad to be on the "Formation continue" side, to help people to gain more skills and develop their chances to evolve in their career. Then, I became Head of Studies of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce language centre. I teach all levels, design pedagogical programs, help teachers who need to be helped with pedagogical methods and resource materials. Ten years have passed, and I still love my job and the people it gives me the opportunity to meet and work with.

Jacqueline Quéniart

First editor for TESOL Newsletter and The Journal
John Overton

John Overton

Past President 2004

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Marianne Raynaud

Marianne Raynaud

TESOL France Grenoble Coordinator and The Teaching Times Contributor
Marianne Raynaud is the author of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book, consultant and speaker and creator of the podcast series "Better Speaking Skills" on iTunes. She was an English professor at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France from 1980-2004. She has given several talks and workshops all over the country, including a TESOL France favorite, "Making Student Films." Marianne has many interests, and is most recently the coordinator for the brand new TESOL France - Grenoble.

Danielle Savage

Silvia Seigne

Silvia Seigne

Secretarial & Promotions Teams
I come from Slovakia where I started teaching during my university studies in 2001. I came to France four years ago to improve my French. Now, my French husband takes care of it. Between Slovakia and France I try to keep in touch with the English speaking world. TESOL has been a great discovery for a Slovak-English teacher in Paris. I continue learning thanks to TESOL activities and people. I'm currently teaching general and business English in companies. I also teach children using drama techniques.

Joan Sobota

Past Treasurer (for 10+ years)

Bill Stowe

Past Promotions and Membership 1993-1994

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Harold Surguine

Past President 1992-1993

Linda Thalman

First Webmaster
Marie Vigier

Mary Vigier

Past Newsletter Editor 2003 - 2007

Mary has American and French nationalities. She started her career at Michelin Tire Corporation in Greenville, South Carolina before moving to France where she joined the teaching profession.
She is the English Department Chair and International Relations Manager for Anglo-Saxon Programs at the ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management in Clermont-Ferrand.  She co-authored, with Michael Bryant, Henri Caquot, Kevin Metz, and David Sheehan, Mastering Business English: A Learning Resource Book, Chiron Editeur, Paris, 2004.
She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French from Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina (U.S.A.); a Certificate in French Language and Culture from the Alliance Française, Institut Catholique and Institut Britannique, Paris, France; and a Licence and Maîtrise d’Anglais at Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France.