Rentrée 2012 - No 65

The Teaching Times

The Teaching Times

The Newsletter of TESOL France

The Teaching Times is a quarterly publication edited by Ros Wright, TESOL France Publications Chair. It keeps you up-to-date with what is going on in the Association and in the wider world of ELT.

Download a complete copy of the Nouvel An 2011 Issue No. 60. Reading it will give you a taste of the many wonderful things TESOL France can offer teachers today.

The current issue contains:

  • People Pages
    • Postcard From The President
    • Bethany Cagnol
    • This is Your Executive Committee
  • Professional Development ...
    • There is More To a Label
    • 10 Things a Teacher ...
    • Classroom Networking!
    • Grundtvig: Apply for Funding
    • What Do People Think?
  • Annual Colloquium
    • Preliminary Programme
  • Online Special
    • The Language
    • Point Talkaoke
    • Tiny Texts
    • Short & Sweet
  • Skills & Sectors
    • Authentic Listening
    • Business English Worksheet Series No 4
  • Reviews
    • Communicating across cultures
    • International Negotiations
    • Vocabulary for IELTS
    • Practical Everyday English
  • Have Your Say
    • Encourage Students to ...
  • Poet's Place
    • Wishful thinking
  • TESOL France News
    • Regions
    • Highlights
    • Joining the Executive Committee
    • Upcoming Events

Where to get it?

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Submission Guidelines for Authors

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