About us

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) France, an affiliate of TESOL Inc. and IATEFL, is a non-profit organization of teachers of English in France. Its purposes are to stimulate professional development, to disseminate information about research, books and other materials related to English, and to strengthen instruction and research.

We regularly organize high quality events which are opportunities to keep up-to-date with current trends in teaching, to share knowledge and experiences and to meet and network with other teachers.

TESOL France operates through an Executive Committee responsible for, amongst other things, organizing events, publications and membership. But we also have correspondents in the different sectors (primary, university, etc.) who keep us informed of the preoccupations and needs of their sector.

Executive Committee
Debbie West President
Jane Ryder Vice-President
Gillian Evans General Secretary
Bethany Cagnol Immediate Past President
Editorial Team of The Teaching Times
Ros Wright Editor
Colleen Brown Editor in Training
Hal D'Arpini Advertising
Electronic Communications
Laurence Whiteside E-mail Listing
Bethany Cagnol Website Coordinator
Federico Espinosa
Hal D'Arpini
Gillian Evans Coordinator
Colleen Brown
Laurence Whiteside
TESOL France Regions
Ros Wright TESOL France Regions Coordinator
Csilla Jaray-Benn TESOL France Grenoble Coordinator
Jane Ryder TESOL France Strasbourg Coordinator
Christine Mintcheva TESOL France Lyon Coordinator
Federico Espinosa TESOL France Bordeaux Coordinator
Kate Kleinworth TESOL France Toulouse Coordinator
Colin Mackenzie TESOL France Nantes Coordinator
Events Team
Debbie West
Jane Ryder
Bethany Cagnol
Hal D'Arpini
Christina Rebuffet-Broadus
Federico Espinosa
Administrative Coordinator
Colleen Brown
Other Dedicated Volunteers
James Beneson Tech Advisor
Françoise Brown Events
Sophie Pietrucci Swap Shops
Vera Dickman Télécom ParisTech
Nazha Essakkaki Télécom ParisTech
Denny Packard Jobs List
Eric Halvorsen Teaching Times
Phil Wade Teaching Times