The Journal, Volume 2, nº2, 1995

Functional Approaches to Written Text: Classroom applications
Guest Editor: Tom Miller, USIS, Paris


Section I: What Research Tells Us

  • Discourse Analysis and Reading Instruction, William Grabe

Section II: Reading Into Writing

  • Contrastive Rhetoric, Robert Kaplan
    Text Analysis and Pedagogical Summaries: Revisiting Johns and Davies, Ann Johns and Danette Paz
  • Rhetorical Models of Understanding, Claire Kramsch
  • From Information Transfer to Data Commentary, John Swales and Christine Feak

Section III: Social Approaches

  • Critical Discourse Analaysis, Thomas Hucklin
  • Words and Pictures in a Bilogy Textbook, Greg Myers
  • I Think That Perhaps You Should: a Study of Hedges in Written Scientific Discourse, Françoise Salager-Meyer
  • The Voices of the Discourse or the Problem of Who Says What in News Reports, Ana Maria Harvey

Section IV: Genre Approaches

  • Applied Genre Analaysis and ESP, Vijay K. Bhatia
  • Genre Models for the Teaching of Academic Writing to Second Language Speakers: Advantages and Disadvantages, Tony Dudley-Evans
  • Concordancing and Practical Grammar, Tony Jappy

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