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TESOL France's 2015 Speaker Tour

Theme: How to teach listening: Building confidence and improving comprehension
With: Annie McDonald (
Date: Thursday, 24 September 2015

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Workshop Summary:
The listening skill is one that students have most difficulty with – they often find it stressful to do and impossible to perceive progress. Indeed, more often than not, many students feel that when they ‘do’ a listening in class, it’s almost as if they’re starting from scratch rather than building on what they can already do. Why is this so and what can we do about it?

This workshop will give you the chance to share your concerns and experiences with your colleagues, to familiarize yourself with a range of listening activities designed to teach rather than test listening, and to try your hand at adapting a standard coursebook listening.

Annie McDonald
has worked in ELT for 25+ years, in the domains of EFL/ESP in Turkey, Brazil, Spain and England, teaching secondary/university students – mostly enjoying every minute of it. She holds an MSc in Teaching English from Aston University, and is a former president of TESOL-Spain. She is the co-founder of the website at and, writing-wise, co-authored a 4-level general course English Result (OUP, 2007-2010), Authentic Listening Resource Pack (Delta Publishing, 2015), and a 2-level upper secondary school course for Spanish students (CUP, 2015), all with Mark Hancock. Annie is currently teaching, writing, giving teacher-training courses and maturing back in the north-west of England.

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