Language School and Departmental Membership

Your language school and or/department can benefit from plenty of exposure through pedagogical representatives. What better way to boost the teaching quality at your school than to sign your teachers up for TESOL France membership. Your membership is valid for 12 months from receipt of payment.

The €173 registration includes:

  • 4 teacher membership cards -- you may distribute them to whomever you wish
  • Subscription to our Newsletter, The Teaching Times
  • Free entrance to our Colloquium and all other TESOL France events
Additional membership cards: €29 each

How to join or renew your membership:

  • download a membership form.
  • Complete the relevant details, including the Établissements d'enseignement/Organismes de formation section
  • Send the form, with a cheque or invoice request (bon de commande). If the latter, we will send an invoice either to you or your finance department.
We appreciate that some organisations take a while to pay their bills! Nevertheless, you membership is valid from the moment we receive the invoice request.