Regions of France

TESOL France Regions

Already a member of TESOL France but frustrated at not being able to attend events regularly?
Thinking of joining TESOL France but put off by the fact everything seems to happen in Paris?

Coming to a Town Near You...
TESOL France Regions is an exciting new initiative that plans to set up chapters in different parts of the country.
TESOL France Grenoble was the first of our regional chapters. Strasbourg joined in 2010 and in 2011 we welcomed Toulouse! We hope other cities will be joining us in the not too distant future

Attend TESOL France Regional Events!

The regional chapters in Grenoble, Toulouse and Strasbourg.
Regular meetings, presentations, workshops in your region

Joining a TESOL France Region


Become a member of TESOL France and benefit from:

  • Free entry to regular professional development workshops in your area
  • Free entry to Swap Shop sessions (sharing teaching materials and know-how)
  • Networking opportunities with ELT professionals in your region
  • TESOL France quarterly newsletter Teaching Times send to you.

Become a member of TESOL France and volunteer!

  • Help develop membership in your regional chapter
  • Organise special events around in your area
  • Lead workshops in your sector of ELT-Primary, Higher Ed, Formation Continue, etc.
Become a member of TESOL France Regions and benefit from:
  • All of the above and all the regular TESOL France events in all the regions, including Paris, free of charge!

Membership Rates

TESOL France Regions is included in the TESOL France regular membership
Only €49 a year
Benefactor membership €55
Student / Unemployed / Retired persons rate €27 a year
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TESOL France offers a system of rolling membership. You are free to sign up at any time of the year.

For more information about attending local events and/or being part of the TESOL France Regions team, contact the Coordinator, Ros Wright, by