The TESOL-France Jobs List

job adsYou may have noticed that you haven't received any job ads in a while. That's because we are currently experiencing serious difficulties with our emailing system. These problems have caused our website to shut down several times in the last few months.

The Executive Committee of TESOL France has therefore decided we have no choice but to change the way we send out the job ads.

We have had to turn to a different mailing service and due to high volume and cost of this service, we have decided to email the job ads to paid-up members of TESOL France only, starting July 15th 2014. If you would like to continue receiving the job announcements after July 15th 2014 we encourage you to join the association.

Please consult the annual membership fees here, and send your membership cheque to our office in Paris.

Advertising a job offer

To advertise a job offer, send the job offer (written in French or English) with details about classes, times, qualifications, salary, employment conditions, appropriate subject line, and the contact person.

General Information and Disclamer

To apply for any position advertised, please contact the person mentioned in the job offer. Please do NOT contact the list owners, who are not connected in any way to the job offer or the hiring.

The job offers are not vetted, nor are employers or applicants. Both prospective employers and applicants are urged to use their best judgement in the applying and hiring processes. All offers are sent out in good faith to members of TESOL France who have requested to receive these job offers. The list owners cannot be held responsible for any aberrations in the employment conditions or payment for work done, nor for the qualifications of the applicants, etc.

Information about improving working conditions for part-time teachers in France ("vacataires") may be found at To use the wiki, each person needs to create a user account with a log-in and password.

In accordance with French regulation (law no 78-17), our databases are registered with the National Commission for Data Proccessing and Liberties, under number 1278996. You can access and mofidy your information, should you wish to exercise this right, please contact the webmaster by e-mail at