Excom Nominee Mission Statements

Vicki Plant

Living and working in rural south west France has not given me many opportunities to meet with teachers around France.  But, during the covid pandemic I discovered TESOL France and it provided a supportive lifeline through its national network.  I have always been a passionate supporter of CPD and their workshops enable new opportunities for learning and development.  I would like to be able to give something back and being both employed and independent I feel I can support diverse teachers.  I am keen to be involved not only in the overall mission, but also in providing support and networking at the local level, especially for teachers in rural areas.

Hazel Vosper

I would like to be more involved in TESOL France as I appreciate the work it does to encourage the sharing of experience, its inclusivity and its promotion of new ideas and methods, all with the objective of supporting teachers and improving professional standards. I have been a TESOL France member since I qualified as a teacher. For the past year I have been on the Teaching Times production team; you can blame any copy-editing errors on me.

Yvonne Chappell

My mission now is the same as when I joined – to create value and make a difference. TESOL France can make a difference to the professional lives of the teachers it  touches  with the various  activities it has to offer colloquiums, workshops, advice from people working in the field and just the simple contact we  have  with other teachers. I want to be part of that and share it with  others!

Colin Mackenzie

With over 10 years’ experience on TESOL-France committees, dating back to 2001, and 20 years involvement with IATEFL, I feel what I can contribute is a good understanding of how a teaching association works, including how volunteer committees can best work together, and knowledge of the wide range of issues in the EFL world. My vision of the association is very much bottom-up; its main purpose is for members to be able to share their ideas and experiences, give each other support and advice, and help each other develop in the challenging but infinitely rewarding job that is teaching English.

Debbie West

I  have been in education in one way or another for many years now (from teacher, language teacher, administrator, course and program developer etc..) My time in TESOL France and TESOL Intl, has enabled me to connect people to the latest issues, the latest classroom techniques etc.. Volunteering in TESOL France, I have had the opportunity to bring professional development to the members, serve to keep the association moving and help others grow education and in leadership as educators. I love being part of the association and having a way to serve and share and grow.

Emma Besnier

Patience and Perseverance. I’m learning and teaching at the same time. Every day is an opportunity to connect and build relationship with students and ELT community. A significant relationship with people is paramount to success in school culture. I’m eternally grateful for the time-shared, sharing knowledge and wisdom, pains and experiences, highs and lows – this community has taught me a tremendous amount of encouragement, leadership, and mentorship.

Jeremy Levin

A debt of gratitude.  For the countless techniques, inspiration, and knowledge that it has provided me about teaching English.  For my all-around professional development.  For the sense of commitment, responsibility, and selflessness.  For the pride from contributing to the greater good of the ELT community, a community like no other.    

Nancy Mitchell

Our profession requires a kind of agility that is unsustainable without community. The TESOL France community serves ELT professionals through delivering experiences and content that build community and leave each member feeling heard, supported, and challenged to continue growing. We seek continual growth not just as individuals, but also as a service organization. To help shape our organizational development, it is my personal aim to further investigate what you, our members, need from TESOL France.

Diane Tisdall

Being a language teacher, especially in France, can be lonely, precarious and with little support for professional development. I’m motivated to be part of the ExCom for TESOL France because it has built (and continues to build) a community that provides inspiring training opportunities and exchanges practical advice. As a new teacher running my own business in central France, I would have two objectives as an ExCom member: 1) to develop a network of teachers working in rural communities and 2) to co-organise entrepreneur workshops, where self-employed TESOL France members can showcase their businesses and share their experiences.

Dianne Chen
Since 2014, I have had various roles on the TESOL France board where I have helped in virtually all facets of the organization.  I have enjoyed events organizing since university and it is incredibly rewarding to help organize an event that is appreciated and beneficial to the EFL community at large. There is a satisfying buzz working with other volunteers where the fruits of your labor manifest in a positive way. I would like to see this coming year dedicated to re-rooting our networks of community, be it the greater international ELT community and/or your regional teacher community.

Sophie Pietrucci

Discovering Tesol France revolutionized my teaching practice. I joined the team 12 years ago and was once secretary of Tesol. Participating in workshops/colloquia made me reflect on various pedagogical techniques and gave me a rare opportunity to exchange with other dedicated teachers. I organised swapshops for many years as I believe in collaborative learning and informal exchanges to create a network of flourishing creative educators. So it's only natural to contribute to such a wealth of pedagogically innovative professionals by joining the Excom team.

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