The Journal, Volume 10, 2003

A Cross-Cultural Approach to the Teaching and Learning of English?
Editor: Sally Bosworth Gérôme

Introduction by Sally Bosworth Gerome, Editor
Download the introduction here.

1. Cultural, Multicultural, Intercultural: A Moderator's Proposal
Susan Fries
Download the article here.

2. Intercultural Competence for English Teacher Education
Terufumi Futaba
Download the article here.

3. The Strange World of EFL Testing: Has Psychology no Place in Testing?
Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims
Download the article here.

4. Identity and L2 Pronunciation: Towards an Integrated Practice in English Language Teaching
Brian Morgan, York University
Download the article here.

5. The Effect of Reading on Cross Cultural Listening and Speaking
Sally Bosworth Gerome
Download the article here.

6. English as a Lingua Franca and French Learners
Ian MacKenzie
Download the article here.

7. A View of some Practical, down-to-earth Ways of using IT in the Language Classroom and Beyond
Bernard Moro
Download the article here.

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