Spring Day

Date: Saturday, 27th of May
Time: 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM
Venue: Association Adele Picot, 39 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris

FEATURED Presenters:

David Bradshaw - Cambridge University Press and Assessment;
Tim Lorkin - Former Engineer Human Interface;
Dobrina Ramphort - Legal Council;
Julie Cutelli - Learning Specialist at the International School of Paris;
Marc Verger - Director of Development ISQQualification, Qualiopi auditor
Rachel Marie Paling - CEO of Efficient Language Coaching and creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® and Neuroheart Education®
Terry Small - President Terry Small Learning Center

We are delighted to announce that we will be meeting FACE-TO-FACE for SPRING DAY 2023. We are excited to invite you to gather for a day of presentations and interactive discussions where you will have the opportunity to share and ask questions. We hope you will be stimulated and have questions about the topics that will be introduced: 
  • ChatGpt/AI and it effects on educatio
  • The brain in the learning process and impact of AI
  • Navigating the French work environment for language teaching and training (all environments)
  The three panels will introduce the different topics and then followed by smaller facilitated discussion groups. Our presenters are coming from different perspectives of the topics which we hope will peak your interest and allow you to discover what is happening as well as how to navigate within the trends and changes upcoming.
We will BE FACE-TO-FACE in a new venue for us Association Adele Picot, 39 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris for a full day of presentations, discussion, up-to date research and roundtable discussions. We would like to continue the group interaction by having people join small groups for lunch outside of the venue.
This event is free for TESOL France members and €30 for non-members. We encourage you to register online to facilitate administrative needs of the association.
To register as a non-member, payment details will be given after you submit this form.
To become a member or renew your membership, please fill out the online membership form before the event here: http://www.tesol-france.org/en/membership.html.


TESOL France Spring Day 2023 Speakers

Much of the day will be devoted to AI and how it is affecting education, our jobs and society as a whole. Our panel of speakers will discuss the topic from different angles to help us understand what it is, how we can use it in our practices and what we need to watch out for.


ChatGPT & AI – David Bradshaw and Timothy Lorkin

A person wearing glasses and a suitDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceDavid Bradshaw LinkedIn

David has worked for Cambridge University Press and Assessment for almost nine years, currently in the role of Senior Assessment Services and Recognition Manager for West Europe, Iberia and Italy. He has delivered numerous presentations around Spain and the rest of Europe. His interests include assessing writing and speaking and the use of technology in ELT in language testing.

Timothy Lorkin LinkedIn

Timothy is a Business Aware Engineer & Lecturer, with extensive experience in “Disruptive Technology”.  From engineering and research in the automobile industry, to innovation in France as researcher at HEC Paris, to refrigeration, Timothy is now Lecturer in Engineering in /& English at French “Grande Ecoles”.

Timothy co-organised a first conference on the then New 'OECD AI Principles' with the OECD, in 2020. Today his focus is on AI & Ethics (GPTProf): Objective evaluation of ChatGPT in University Language teaching.

He suggests watching the ARTE program on Kubrick about 2001 - a Space Odyssey, the explanations & fears shared then about HAL, are very pertinent today.


AI, the Brain & Education – Rachel Marie Paling & Terry Small

Rachel Marie Paling LinkedIn

Rachel is the CEO of Efficient Language Coaching and creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® and Neuroheart Education®. Rachel started teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults over 35 years ago. After studying Law and Human Rights and Democratization, she combined her teaching experience, specialisation in business English and legal knowledge to language coach top executives across Europe. She developed herself as a professional life coach and language coach, and in 2012 created the new method and approach for language learning called Neurolanguage Coaching®, one of the first ICF CCE accredited programmes for language teachers worldwide. 
She is a professionally trained coach with the ICF PCC Coaching Credential and also holds an MA in Applied Neuroscience and a Master in Neuroeducation and Neuropsychology. 

Terry Small website

Terry Small, B.Ed., M.A., is a master teacher and Canada's leading learning skills specialist. He is the author of the Brain Bulletin with over 34,000 subscribers worldwide.
Terry has presented on the brain for over 33 years to organizations around the world. His knowledge, warmth, humour and dynamic presentation style have made him a much sought-after speaker at workshops and conferences. 
Terry's wealth of teaching experience and extensive involvement in applied neuroscience make him an outstanding resource of the business and educational communities. He resides in Vancouver, Canada, where he is a frequent lecturer at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.


Navigating the French work environment for language teaching and training (all environments)


Dobrina RamphortDobrina Ramphort

Legal Counsel - Magma Trace 
Associate Professor Toulouse Business school

Having been a teacher for many years within various institutions and corporations, Dobrina perfectly understands the challenges language trainers face whatever the level or structure they intervene in. 

She has seen many trainers encountering difficulties, misundersanding or suffering from inequalities due to lack of information provided by schools, private companies, universities and other training centers in terms of work conditions and labour rights.
She is grateful to TESOL France for organising regular workshops allowing language trainers to share their legal issues, and for giving her the opportunity to support TESOL members to be better informed and prepared in case of labour contract negotiations.