Eco Footprint Initiative

2019 Colloquium Eco Footprint Initiative

If you are interested in sharing transport either as the driver or passenger, please add your name to our Facebook carpooling group or send an email to «».


Are you organising your transport to get to Lille for our Colloquium? Hop over to our Facebook group "TESOL France Carpooling Group for 2019 Colloquium" where you can offer or ask for a lift, or check out the current offers or requests.


This year at the Colloquium we will have a Swap Table.  Look out any book, resources, or small tech items which you no longer use but think someone else might make use of.  Take these with you to the Colloquium where we will have a swap table ready. You simply drop off what you are offering, or pick up something that you’ll use.  No money changes hands, and you can drop but not swap or take but not drop!
The idea is to reuse resources we no longer love or use ourselves.  At the end of the conference, anything left will be given to a local charity or ressourcerie.  Please make sure what you take is in good enough condition to use!  


This year our aims are twofold:
1.  To round up and use our existing paper cups, plates, cutlery and napkins, and
2.  To think ahead to the future, using washable crockery, and to work out the logistics for that.

Using crockery, cutlery and glasses which can be washed, and avoiding single use items whether they be paper, plastic or some other material like wood or bamboo, is a logical green initiative.  That involves either having a stock of these items, or hiring them. Logistically, keeping a stock may be tricky, but in Lille for example, our Colloquium venue, there are businesses which hire them out.

Avoiding single-use also involves washing dishes.  And here’s where we are doing our research. If we create a volunteer “Dishwash Dream Team” are you happy to be on it?  Many hands make light work as they say, and there are worse things than taking your networking to the kitchen. All best parties end up there.  

This year we are making such a list of volunteers.  There are kitchens and sinks at the venue which we can use on the Saturday if we need to.  Friday’s registration, cocktail and networking event is at a different location, and we have made other arrangements for Sunday.  If we find that our throwaway plates and cups from previous years are sufficient this time round, it will be reassuring to know that we have your support for a Dishwash Dream Team in the future, and we can use our meet-up to chat about our greening plans in general.  

Please either FB message us on the TESOL France main page, or email Jen Taylor, our ELT Footprint Coordinator at if you’d like to be a volunteer on our Dishwash Dream Team on the Saturday (coffee break, lunch and/or dinner).  We know your time is precious at these events. So is our planet. Thank you.

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