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The Teaching Times is  a publication which is issued three times a year (once in paper and two times in electronic format) and is edited by Peter Strutt. It keeps you up-to-date with what is going on in the Association and in the wider world of ELT through academic articles and practical teaching tips.

We welcome articles from all areas of English Language Teaching with focus on practical applications.
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THE LATEST ISSUE (Spring 2018/Issue Nº 82)


THE PREVIOUS ISSUE (Spring 2017/Issue Nº 79)



Download the complete copy of the
Autumn 2016 No. 77.
 issue of the magazine.

This was the Colloquium 2016 issue with featured articles from the three plenary speakers, Diane Larsen-Freeeman, Péter Medgyes and Harry Kuchah Kuchah.



Editorial – Peter Strutt
Postcard from the President – Jane Ryder

The Emergence of Lexicogrammatical Patterns from Use – Diane Larsen-Freeman
L'anglais à travers la danse: A Cameroonian Experience – Harry Kuchah Kuchah
The Native/Non-Native Conundrum Revisited – Péter Medgyes

The Brain Box: Language & the Cerebral Networks – Sue Sullivan

Measuring Creativity – Wojtek Koszykowski
Short Stories and High Drama – Stephen Reilly
Google Docs: Writing and Interactivity – Dianne Chen

Rocket French – Phil Wade

Pilgrims Teacher Training Course – Csilla Jaray-Benn

TESOL France Lilla – Gillian Evans
TESOL France Grenoble – Csilla Jaray-Benn




Download a complete copy of the Nouvel An 2011 Issue No. 60.

Reading it will give you a taste of the many wonderful things TESOL France can offer teachers today.

The issue No. 60 contains:

  • People Pages
Editorial Musings      
Postcard From The President
  • Industry Insights
Native Speaker Delusion
Marek Kiczkowiak
Becoming a French English Teacher
Alex O'Brien
  • Professional Development
Practical Ideas for Post-its
Ioanna Ntaidou
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Yvonne Chappell
Creativity and Motivation in Two Parts
Csilla Jaray-Benn
  • Technology
           Talking to Christina Rebuffet-Broadus,
           creator of Speak Better, Feel Great TV
Play Mobile: Digital Game-based Learning with Handheld Devices
Dave Dodgson
  • Skills
          Creative Conversations in Class
          Marie-Pierre Beaulieu
          Developing Scoring Rubrics
          Rebecca Guy’s report on
          Catherine Buon’s workshop  
  • Report

Where to get it?

The Teaching Times is sent out free of charge to the TESOL France members.
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