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Colloquium 2020


(Individual / institutional members, non-members,
speakers and poster presenters, guests and stand representatives)


Full members need to register for the colloquium by 13th November 2020 at the latest to enable notification of the access code to the conference platform. You will have the opportunity to make a donation to help with this event.

Those needing to renew membership must do so online by the 5th November 2020 and all payments received by 13th November 2020 to ensure colloquium registration. Justification for reduced rate membership must also be provided by email to with the payment.

Members and non-members will all have the opportunity to make a donation to help with this event.

Online payment is recommended! It’s easy, safe and secure.
The colloquium fee for non-members should be paid online whenever possible.

Bank transfer: Anyone wishing to pay their membership or colloquium fee by bank transfer should request bank details from the treasurer at the email above by the 5th November 2020.

Cheque payments need to be sent by post to 23 rue Nollet, 75017 Paris in advance of 5th November 2020. We ask you to be mindful of potential postal delays caused by any Covid 19 restrictions which may be in place.

Download TESOL FRANCE letter here
Registration fees are:
0,00€ - All current members (individual or institutional), guests, up to 2 stand representatives per publisher, and plenaries.
48,00€ - All non-members and memberships that have lapsed.
45,00€ - For students, retired and unemployed individuals (a photocopy of the proof of this status is absolutely required upon arriving at the Colloquium otherwise you will be charged 48,00€. We are unable to make any exceptions).
30,00€ - All speakers and poster presenters. This does NOT include membership to TESOL France. If you are a speaker and wish to join TESOL France you will be charged 48,00€.


Past or active members of Tesol France

You must log in to the Members Section (top left-hand side of the page) in order to complete your registration for the Colloquium. Just follow the instructions...

If your membership is a part of an institutional membership of TESOL France, please ask the Contact Person in charge of your membership to log in and register the Colloquium attendees through the Members Section of the website. If your institution fails to do this in time, you must bring current proof of working for that institution (e.g. bulletin de paie).

First time on our website - non-members?

Beware, if you register for the Colloquium using the form below, it will cost you 48,00€.
If you choose to register as a Tesol France member NOW, you’ll be able to attend the Colloquium FOR FREE!

Membership (individual 53,00/year | institutional 4-members-card 173,00€/year) includes:
-  Free entrance to Tesol France Spring event and to all regional and national events,
-  Free Teaching Times magazine
-  Endless networking and leadership opportunities...

Speakers / Poster Presenters:

Colloquium registration fee: 30€ (DOES NOT include membership). If you want to become a member, you should do it NOW using the red link below. Your total fee will be 53,00€ for a year, including Colloquium fee.

Click here to register as a member
AND for the Colloquium in the same process

If you don’t want to become a member, but still want to register for the Colloquium,
please fill the form below (Colloquium fee 48,00€ - Speaker/Poster fee 30,00€).

You DO NOT WANT to be a member of Tesol-France?
Please use the form below:

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Colloquium registration

Please only tick yes if this is absolutely necessary.


€    (suggested donation for events organization: 25,00 €)


Total to pay: 48,00

CHEQUE PAYMENTS to be sent by post in advance of 5th November 2020. We ask you to be mindful of potential postal delays caused by any Covid 19 restrictions which may be in place. Postal address: 23 rue Nollet, 75017 Paris

23 rue Nollet - 75017 PARIS
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