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30 September 2017

IATEFL conference highlights, EFL Conferences round-up and online teacher training


Time: 10:00 a.m -1:00 p.m
Speakers: Claudia Brosnahan and Cate Evans
Venue: ENSEIRB-MATMECA, 1 avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer, 33402 Talence Cedex
Tram B, arrêt « Arts et Métiers »
 This venue is not open to the public on weekends, therefore, walk-ins will not be possible. Please be sure to fill in the registration form to let us know that you will be coming. 
About the Workshop

Our first workshop for the new academic year will be on 30 September. Claudia Brosnahan and Cate Evans will present their IATEFL conference highlights and share their take-aways, including teaching ideas, talk summaries and a look at IATEFL SIG's (special interest groups). We will then take a hands-on approach to adapting these teaching ideas and key activities to your situation and students' needs. In addition, we will talk about other upcoming EFL conferences in and around France and look at training and career development resources that you can pursue online.

Alongside the workshop, we will be holding a "TROC" of EFL/ teaching books. So, bring all the materials you no longer use and would like to pass on to someone else.
  About the Speakers

Cate Evans is a Welsh/Irish teacher with a PGCE (TES/FL) and MA (linguistics) CAPES. She has taught in various places including Sudan, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, England, and France. She worked mainly for the British Council as a teacher and teacher trainer and set up her own training company in Thailand. In France, she has worked in various private language schools as Head of Studies and over 15 years in various Grandes Ecoles, most recently ENSCBP.

Claudia Brosnahan is a teacher trained in New Zealand (M.A in Education) with a French Postgraduate teaching degree. She currently teaches at Bordeaux Institute of Technology, ENSCBP. Her professional areas of interest include intercultural communication, motivation in the classroom, technology-enhanced language learning, and online collaborative projects. 


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Assessing Creativity and Towards the Flow: a two-part workshop with Wojtek Koszykowski

Date: 18 February 2017
Time: 10:00-13:00
Room L003
1 avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer
33402 Talence Cedex

Tram B, arrêt « Arts et Métiers »

This venue is not open to the public on weekends, therefore, walk-ins will not be possible. Please be sure to register here.

All TESOL France workshops are free for members and 8 euros for non-members.

Assessing Creativity:
Many teacher training sessions these days address the importance of fostering creativity and divergent thinking in education. However, measuring creativity is believed to be too difficult, and therefore neglected. While it may be true sometimes, there are many creativity assessment tools, a combination of which leads to valid and reliable tests. Wojtek will demonstrate how these tools can be exploited in EFL classrooms at all levels.

Towards the Flow:
At some point we have all had students, who no matter what we did, seemed always bored in class. How do we react to it and do we all react similarly? In this psychology-focused, thought-provoking workshop, Wojtek will discuss different feelings which are evoked in the EFL classroom and ways of controlling them. We will explore how some activities get adult learners focused on the tasks, enjoy them and leave the lesson with a feeling of achievement.
Wojtek holds the CELTA, the DELTA, a B.Sc. in Business Administration, an M.Sc in Management and is currently working on his PhD in HRM and Education. After 20+ years of EFL teaching and ELT management in the UK, Poland and France, he is doing research in the importance of creativity and would like to share some of the most interesting results which he has found through literature review, action research and experiments with his students.

Using music in the classroom with Jason Levine (aka Fluency MC)

Date: 3 Dec 2016
Time: 10:00-13:00
Venue: l'Association Bordeaux USA
38, Allées d'Orléans, (Place des Quinconces) 33000 Bordeaux

All TESOL France workshops are free for members and 8 euros for non-members.

Jason Levine is a teacher and entrepreneur. His mission is to connect with as many teachers as possible and provide engaging practice, in and out of the classroom. He helps students learn English through music. His youtube channel hosts numerous videos, totaling over 7 million views. TESOL France Bordeaux has invited Jason to Bordeaux to talk about using music in the classroom and his teaching method/ style. He will also share how he creatively manages his business as Fluency MC. 

After his talk, Jason will then moderate a swap-shop style session where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas of how they use music in the classroom.

Interested in learning more? Watch Jason's numerous videos on the Fluency MC youtube channel.

You can also learn more about his background, inspiration and teaching philosophy on this Teaching ESL Online interview and in this interview on the Children Learning English Affectively blog.

Prochain atelier TESOL France Bordeaux: La méthode Montessori et ses applications aux adultes dans l'acquisition de la langue.

Quand: samedi 5 novembre, 2016. 10h-13h
Ou: l'Association Bordeaux USA
38, Allées d'Orléans, (Place des Quinconces) 33000 Bordeaux
Tarif: gratuit pour adhérents du TESOL France. 8€ non-adhérents.
Venez au prochain atelier TESOL France Bordeaux pour les professeurs de langues, sur le thème de la méthode Montessori et ses applications aux adultes. Cet atelier est désigné pour les enseignants avec peu de connaissance de la méthode Montessori. Simonetta Spiga et Maria-Francesca Fenuccio, professeurs d’italien et diplômées Montessori AMI, nous donneront une brève introduction  de la méthode et son histoire. Après, elles nous montreront l'application de la méthode aux adultes dans les environnements d'acquisition de la  langue. Enfin, Simonetta et Maria-Francesca feront une démonstration d'un cours d’italien. (Cet atelier sera présenté en français et italien.)
Come to the next TESOL France Bordeaux workshop on the Montessori method as applied to adult language learners. This workshop will be aimed at teachers with little to no knowledge of the Montessori method. Italian language teachers Simonetta Spiga and Maria-Francesca, both Montessori certified (AMI), will give a brief introduction of the Montessori teaching method and its history. Then we will look at the application of this method to adults in a language learning environment. Lastly, Simonetta and Maria-Francesca will demonstrate this with a mini-Italian class. This workshop will be conducted in French and Italian.

Panel discussion 9 July - Transitioning : From teacher to administrator

When: Saturday, 9 July 2016, 9:30AM
Where: l'Association Bordeaux USA
38, Allées d'Orléans, (Place des Quinconces) 
33000 Bordeaux

All TESOL France workshops are free for members and 8 euros for non-members.
On Saturday 9 July TESOL France Bordeaux will host its last event of the year. It will be a panel discussion: transitioning from teaching to administration. The talk will feature Amanda Gedge-Wallace (Head of Language Studies at the Ecole Nationale de la magistrature), Amanda Prud'hon (IATC Manager, International Advanced Technology Center, Lectra), and Frauke Hummel (Responsable développement Région Sud-Ouest, Conseillère Formation, La Cité des Langues).
All three come from various work institutions (public and private sector) and will speak about by their transitions from teacher to administrator, key challenges and trends/ trajectories they see in the field.
Amanda Gedge-Wallace has been working in English language teaching in Bordeaux since 1991. She was a vacataire in language schools in and around Bordeaux and then worked directly with companies as an English teacher, mainly out in Ambès (Norsk Hydro, Michelin, Eka Chimie). Then, she became a vacataire at the French National School for the Judiciary in 1998 while working a part-time teaching contract at a primary school in Bordeaux (sublime to the ridiculous!) After 16 years of free-lance teaching, Amanda was appointed to a full-time position to set up and run the language department at the ENM in 2007.
Soon after arrival in France 1992, Amanda Prudh'on began teaching for a private language school giving lessons to adults (both professional and leisure classes) and some school pupils for holiday courses . She supplemented her hours with additional contracts in higher education institutions (IUT and what is now Kedge). She maintained all three contracts until around January 2000, at which point she focused solely on the contract with Kedge, taking on some admin work for the dept.
In 2007, Amanda obtained a position in the training dept of an international technology company with 2 main tasks: leading the worldwide English training program and running the integration seminar. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work on other topics within the training dept which has led her to work with the sales team (still in a training capacity). For the past year, she has been in charge of the international demonstration center leading a team of 7 people and coordinating visits for customers from around the world.
Frauke Hummel has been working as a German teacher and in various administrative roles in a university environment for several years. Responsibilities have ranged from curriculum development to hiring and managing teaching staff to organizing exams and conferences. Currently, she is the manager of staff and languages at La Cité des Langues, Southwest Region, INSEEC Business School

TESOL France Bordeaux Workshop: The conversation-centered classroom

Date: Saturday, 12 March 2016
Time: 9:00AM
Join us for a talk on using conversation as your fundamental teaching tool. Rachel Myers Moore will open up the session with a discussion of some of the theory behind the conversation-centered classroom. The workshop will then open up to the group to share your go-to speaking activities or problem solve any issues that come to mind. Come with questions, ideas, inspirations, notions, assumptions and an eagerness to, perhaps, change your perspective and enhance your teaching methods. 

All TESOL France workshops are free for members and 8 euros for non-members.

Google Apps Swap Shop, December 5th 2015

Speaker: LeAnn Stevens Larre
Date: 5 Dec 2015
Time: 9:00-12:00
Venue: l'Association Bordeaux USA
38, Allées d'Orléans, (Place des Quinconces) 33000 Bordeaux

To register or for more information please contact Dianne Chen through our contact page (look for "Regions - Bordeaux" in the list).
Do you ever wonder how to better utilize the tech tools you already know for a better class experience for you and your students? LeAnn Stevens Larre will share with us how to use Google docs to improve students reading and writing skills in a real-time classroom activity that she has personally developed. The swap shop will then open up to all participants, where we can all share what Google Apps we use in and/ or out of the classroom to help us teach and stay organized.

TESOL France Bordeaux MEET and GREET!

Bring a friend!

November 7, 2015 | 10:30-12:30
VENUE: Les Mots Bleus. 40, rue Poquelin Molière, Bordeaux (Hôtel de Ville tram stop)
In this informal meet and greet we will talk about upcoming TESOL France events in Bordeaux and beyond. We will also discuss the current working climate in Bordeaux. What new challenges are you facing as this new school year is under way? Please come (bring a friend, even) and share your point of view.
No need to register. This event will be free for all attendees.

TESOL France Bordeaux Workshop: Organizing Digital Spaces

When: Saturday, 13 June, 2015.
Time:  14:00-17:00.
Where: l'Association Bordeaux USA - 38, Allées d'Orléans, (Place des Quinconces) 33000
Bordeaux (go here for directions )

To register or for more information please contact Dianne Chen through our contact page (look for "Regions - Bordeaux" in the list).
When we think of career development, we most often think of updating our technological know-how or integrating new and different activities in the classroom. What often gets neglected is how we as teachers organize ourselves. How can we better work together to share information and experiences? How can we minimize our time pushing paper and maximize more teaching time?
For the next TESOL Bordeaux workshop, Nicole Stitch* will share how to organize our own digital space for community sharing and for our own personal organizing. We will look at using online tools such as Dropbox and Wikispaces to help us improve time management and efficiency. We will finalize the workshop with an Agony Aunt session to brainstorm and problem solve resolutions to your technology, organization and time management challenges.
Nicole Stich received her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Teaching from Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) in 2007 and went on to obtain a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) in 2009. After finishing her undergraduate studies, Nicole served as a member of Teach For America in Baltimore City Public Schools, where she taught high school Spanish for five years. Nicole has been working as an English teacher primarily at Kedge Business School (through the CEL) since September 2013. In addition to her teaching roles, Nicole was unofficially named the digital organization expert, managing online platforms for each of her schools. After a year of floundering in low-tech organizational methods, Nicole began exploring the benefits of digital solutions, and now manages the vast majority of her teaching practice with the help of web-based tools. Her tech-savvy methods were born of necessity: managing the assignments of over 150 students and coordinating with 15 other teachers was only feasible through some kind of digital space. With the help of programs like Wikispaces and DropBox, Nicole has been able to facilitate collaboration and cohesion amongst the teaching staff as well as manage the constant flow of student data, all at the touch of a button.


TESOL France Bordeaux MEET and GREET this Saturday!

Bring a friend!

April 11, 2015 | 10:30am 
VENUE: Cafe Verde Nero (24 rue de Ayres, 33000 Bordeaux.)
TESOL France Bordeaux will be hosting a Meet and Greet this Saturday the 11th of April. It will be an informal discussion centered around work "beyond the role of the vacataire." Several speakers will talk about their experiences starting and running their own English teaching companies, working as a translator, completing the CAPES exams and pursuing a DELTA qualification. 

This informal setting is a great way for English teachers to share their experiences and learn from others. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend new to TESOL France and introduce them to what we have to offer.
No need to register. This event will be free for all attendees.

Swap Shop in Bordeaux!

October 6th, 2012. 9am-12pm
Organized by Federico Espinosa
Victoire campus of Université Bordeaux Segalen
Theme: "First Lesson".

Technology Workshop

June 9th, 2012. 9:00 - 12:00
Universite Victor Segalen Bordeaux II
A workshop presented by Chesna Flora

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