Colloquium 2019

38th International Annual TESOL France Colloquium

Making Waves

Click here to download Thomas Strasser's opening keynote presentation:  I have a stream: the grand edtech buzzword bingo. 

Click here to download Dennis Davy's keynote presentation: Waves of Language change in English

Click here to download Silvia Breiburd's keynote presentation: Think 'Generationally' to Enhance Teaching and Learning


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Thank you to everyone for making the TESOL France 38th International Annual Colloquium a resounding success!

We hope to see you soon at a regional event, Spring Day 2020 or Colloquium 2020.

 If you haven't already filled out the Colloquium Feedback form, please take a few minutes to fill it out so we can improve the conference for next year.

The 38th International TESOL France Annual Colloquium will take place on 29 November to 1 December at Skema Lille and promises to welcome many delegates from around the world. 

With plenary speakers:
Thomas Strasser, 
Silvia Breiburd and Dennis Davy

Thanks to our web page sponsor MacMillan Education

Thomas Strasser's plenary teaser video! 

Silvia Breiburd's plenary teaser video! 

Tery Lemanis Teaser TF Colloq 19

Edna Castillo Teaser TF Colloq 19

Judie Hudson Teaser TF Colloq 19

Rachel Connabeer Teaser TF Colloq 19

Yasmine Abdelhamid Teaser TF Colloq 19

Catherine Aygen TF Teaser Colloq 19

Jedrek Stepien Teaser TF Colloq 19

Getting to Lille 

Getting to the 2019 Venue - Skema Business School 

Hotels in Lille near Skema Business School

Colloquium Frequently Asked Questions (for Skema Lille)

2019 Colloquium Eco Footprint Initiative: Make a Difference!



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