Colloquium 2023

42nd Annual International TESOL France Colloquium

An Educator's Journey

November 17th, 2023
November 18th, 2023
November 19th, 2023

Cité Scolaire Internationale Honoré-de-Balzac, 118 Bd Bessières, 75017 Paris

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Mark your calendars for the 42nd Annual International TESOL France Colloquium for 2023!

We are delighted to welcome Hind Elyas and Nayr Ibrahim as our plenary speakers this year.

Hind Elyas works as an English Instructor at the Leading National Academy, Niagara College in Saudi Arabia.

She is heavily involved in PD, and her current roles include the IATEFL Global Issue, Issues Month Coordinator, the Past Chair of the TESOL International Professional Development Professional Council, and a member of the Womentorship in ELT committee, which is TESOL International’s most recent PLN. She is also serving as a TESOL International New Member Guide.

Hind is a British Council ELTon Awards Judge, and she served as a National Geographic Advisor for developing a new academic skills series in 2020.

Hind’s former roles include the Executive Secretary at Africa ELTA, Acting Vice President of TESOL Sudan, and Professional Development Coordinator at KSAALT TESOL (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association for English Language Teachers).

Her most recent achievements were being selected as a TESOL International 2021 Leadership Mentoring Program Award recipient and a TESOL International Convention Ambassador. Hind’s research interests include student engagement, differentiation, 21st-century teaching and learning, and employability skills.

About Hind's Plenary Talk:

Transformative Paths: the Uncharted Journey of ELT Educators 

In this plenary session, the presenter will embark on an insightful exploration of educators transformative journey and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of education. The presenter will delve into the profound impact of small sparks that inspire individuals to embrace this noble profession and pursue continuous professional development.

Throughout the session, the challenges and growth experienced by educators will be addressed, with a particular emphasis on the importance of innovation, adaptability, and resilience.

The session aims to inspire and empower educators, igniting a renewed sense of commitment and a willingness to impact the lives of their learners.

As educators depart from this plenary session, they will carry with them a new determination to change lives, armed with the tools needed to create meaningful educational experiences for their students.
Hind will present her plenary talk on Saturday 19 November at 10.35 in the Salles des Fêtes.
Nayr Correia Ibrahim is Associate Professor of English Subject Pedagogy at Nord University in Norway. She has over 25 years of experience in English and bilingual education as teacher, trainer, materials writer, manager and researcher in Portugal, Paris, Cairo, Hong Kong and now Norway.

Nayr holds a MA TEFL and a PhD in trilingualism, triliteracy and identity from the University of Reading. She has participated in various EU projects on multilingualism, including reviewing the EU's Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning (2018) and was Associate Partner for the ILLEY (Inspiring language learning in the early years) project at the ECML in Graz. Nayr is a member of Nord's Research Group For Children’s Literature in ELT (CLELT) and peer reviewer for the CLELE Journal. She was local coordinator for the Erasmus+ project ICEPELL (Intercultural Citizenship Education for Primary English Language Learning) and has participated in the CANOPY and now ELLiL projects in Canada. She is in the transition committee of the newly established ELLRA (Early Language Learning Research Association).

Her publication, Teaching children how to learn, Delta Publishing, with Gail Ellis, won an award at the 2016 ESU English Language Awards in the category, Resources for Teachers. Her research interests include early language learning, multi/translingualism, multiple literacies, language and identity, learning to learn, intercultural citizenship education, children’s literature and children’s rights. 

About Nayr's Plenary Talk:

Reflections of an ELT educator’s journey on the edge: crossings and transformations

A language educator is on a never-ending journey through forests of sounds, different shades of grammatical distinctions and lexical confusions, tinged with streaks of cross-linguistic humour. This journey includes concrete places, where acquiring knowledge hopefully enhances classroom teaching. It also includes liminal spaces, where we cross over, from a B1 to a B2 level, from student to teacher, from teacher to manager, from leader to researcher. In this plenary, I will chart the journey of an educator on the edges of teaching and learning. Starting with a relatively clear itinerary, the path suddenly twists and turns into unpredictable terrain, vacillating between the expert and the imposter, the native and the non-native speaker, the outsider in the centre, but all held together by that common thread, le fil conducteur, den røde tråden - the meaningful relationships we build with our language learners. When educators act as agents of change and disruptors of the status quo, they push the edges so as to centre stage the learner. When educators reconceptualize learning as creativity, critical reflection, connection and complexity, they use the powerful tool of language to make that change. When educators reflect on the journey, they realise they have been learners all along.
Nayr will present her plenary talk on Sunday 19 November at 10.35 in the Salles des Fêtes.


Speaker Teaser videos available on our YouTube Channel


Waste Reduction Initiatives for Colloquium 2023

In the tradition of our green footprint campaign at the Colloquium 2019 in Lille and waste reduction initiatives at the Colloquium 2023 in Paris, we would like to implement the same for the 2023 Colloquium. Here's what we are implementing and we ask speakers, exhibitors and delegates to participate!

Tote bag drive: 
1. Bring your own tote bag for your own use 
2. Bring one or several bags to donate to the tote bag drive. For those in need, we will reuse totebags distributed upon request. 

Reduction of plastic and paper use: 
1. Bring your own cups, cutlery, plates. 
2. Online conference program (no program will be printed but there will be more signage around the venue as well as digital versions).
3. Exhibitors to contribute minimal plastic/non plastic give-aways for conference participants.

Book Exchange: 
In 2022, this member-initiated exchange was well-received so we are hoping to grow it for this year. 
1. Bring your pre-loved books that deserve a new home.
2. Place your books in the designated Exchange area. 
3. Take home the pre-loved books you want.

English language novels, board games and teaching books are all welcome! All uncollected materials will be donated after the conference.

Travel  and Transport information

Access to the venue
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